Designer Eyeglasses are Art

If you are like most eyeglass wearers, you probably wish you didn’t have to wear glasses. Sliding down your nose, they can be uncomfortable, out-dated prescription, tired worn out frames. There are lots of reasons not to like your glasses. But let’s shift perspective for a moment. If your glasses were perfectly fitted and comfortable because they were thin and lightweight, beautifully styled and perfectly suited to you  and on top of all that gave you vivid natural feeling vision –now that would be a different story. You might even say you loved your designer eyeglasses if they gave you all that!

Our Goal

At Inspired Eyes Creative Eyewear West Kelowna, our goal is to help you see life more clearly and inspire you to confidently express yourself through creative and original eyewear. I get so excited about great eyewear.  Lately, I’ve been thinking about why I love glasses so much.

Eyeglasses are art… that you wear. Innovative designs, flowing lines, shapes to draw out your best features, colors to accentuate your hair and skin-tone. Glasses add to your beauty and are the most important fashion accessory in your wardrobe. One because they are just so noticeable sitting there on your nose. And two, because you likely wear them almost every day. With so many creative styles to choose from, why wear ordinary glasses when you can wear extraordinary glasses?

Designer Eyeglasses are spice…

They add flavor to your image. They add zest and zing to your look. If you’ve got to wear glasses make it pop with bright candy colors, deliciously original styles and creative flavor combinations. The Inspired Eyes frame collection is not your usual fare.  If you a frame connoisseur (or would like to become one J), we can help you to expand your palette with some delectable styles.

Eyeglasses are poetry…

They say so much with so few words. Ok…no words. But seriously, you only have 1/10 of a second to make a great first impression. What are your glasses saying about you?  Are they old and crooked with yucky nose pads? Or are they contemporary and fresh with loads of style? Do they express your personality or contradict it?  If you are fun and vivacious your glasses should say it! You want to wear eyewear that sets you apart from the crowd and makes you memorable.

Most importantly, designer specs are the lenses of life.

When you need glasses to see, you literally see your life through your eyeglasses.  All of life’s experiences – seeing a loved one’s face, watching the grandkids play, driving through the rain to get to that meeting on time, working on that project – you name it. Personalized lenses with advanced optics enhance all of life experiences with vivid natural feeling vision.

The Insired Eyes opticians specialize in customized lenses designed for your lifestyle and our frame collection is exceptionally stylish. Call to arrange an Inspired Eyes Style-in-Motion consultation and see what you’ve been missing.

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