I've had the good fortune to have had an eye exam with Dr. Daniel Walker at Inspired Eyes. I decided to have my eye exam with them after having a really good experience in purchasing a pair of Maui Jim sunglasses there. I'm really impressed with the care, attention and thoroughness of Inspired Eyes in regards to optometry. They not only ask for a medical history, which seems a logical thing to do, although I've never been asked that by an optometrist before, but also follow up with dietary recommendations for foods that are beneficial to maintaining good vision. In addition to knowledgeable care, they are awesome folks to deal with. As a university professor who has to read and spend time at a computer, I really glad to be working with these folks to maintain good eye health (and they got good eyewear fashion sense, too!). Five stars!

Jodey C. Satisfied Customer with Maui Jims